Sunday, February 1, 2009

Stupid Fire Alarm!!!

So I am not completely sure about the blogging rules, but it is more than 30 minutes since my last post. Kelsey will have to let me know if it is ok, but I forgot to tell about some things.

So I was walking home from school in the rain on Friday, when all of the sudden a car goes through a huge puddle and sends a tidal wave in my direction. You know in the movies when you see that happen, the person just standing there unsuspecting and they get hit with a wall of water, and they just stand there looking shocked for a second, and you think that it never really happens like that real life. Well let me tell you, it was EXACTLY like that. I was soaked, and it was a very wet walk home.

And now for our crazy saturday morning. So I got up to make bumpy pancakes. I am really weird, and I actually like to cook. So I go in and after using some interesting things for mixing bowls, and having to have Tori come in to actually figure out how to get the oven to preheat, I get everything ready and in the oven. So a few minutes later I check on the creation, which is doing nothing, but I can smell smoke. I send Tori in to find out what is wrong, and a few minutes later the fire alarms are going off. Me and my roommate run in to see what she is doing. The alarms soon shut off, but we don't know what to do about goopy eggy mixture in the oven. We leave it in for a few more minutes, but the oven is still smoking. I go in and turn the oven completely off, and hope the smoke will just settle slowly. No such luck. Soon the alarms are going off again, and this time it takes us much longer to air out the detector and get them to stop beeping. I am sure that everyone in the apartment complex wanted to wake up to the fire alarms on saturday morning. When we did get breakfast out of the oven, it looked a little funny. It didn't rise or get bumpy like it was supposed to, it just stayed flat, but they still tasted ok. Anyway I am sad that the oven is mean and does not like to be used. After all of this, my roommate informed us that she has never gotten the oven to work. Sure wish I had known that before.
Too bad I am reminded that I like to cook only when I am stuck in an unstocked kitchen, that is cold and lonely to cook in, where nothing works properly. Oh well. Maybe I will cook up a storm when I get back to Moab. That will probably make my mother happy.


Jason & Shannon said...

Hey, if you see the missionaries again let me know if you see an Elder Gardner (first name Kenny) from Orem, Utah.

Spacey Stacy said...

You can use my oven it works great!
Love Ya,