Sunday, February 1, 2009

What a coincidence!!!

Wow!!! Tori and I had a great weekend. I started school this week, and it really is crazy. It is perfectly normal for the teachers to not show up at all the first week or two. I still have not had all of my classes. As crazy as the schedule already is, they change and move the classes a lot. I guess it will just keep life interesting.
But now the weekend is here and life is going great. Yesterday Tori and I headed out for some exploring. We actually found a small grocery store that is not too far from where we live. YAY!! Earlier in the week we carried a very heavy load of groceries across town because we had finally found a larger store. (next time we are not getting anything heavy like apples and oranges ;-) Anyway then we headed to the city center to wander through some of the shops. We also went to the Saturday Market, and that is lots of fun. They had all kinds of food stands, and craft stands selling funny hats and jewlery and stuff. We are going to go again some other weekend because we got there when they were starting to shut down. After our little outing we had a movie night with pizza. They have lots of great coupons here so we splurged on some pizza.

Today we got to go to church!!! YAY AGAIN! After two weeks of unsuccessfully finding where the branch meets for church we were finally able to get a hold of the Bishop in Limrick, and he gave us a new number to get a hold of our branch president. After calling him, we found out that church is held at the Days Inn Hotel, and we have been walking right past it every week. It was so great to get to go today. Our branch is very small, but very international. There are members from Nigeria, Brazil, the US... The opening prayer was said in Portuguese. Everyone was really nice. Now for the coincidence. So after Sunday School, we were going across the hall to the relief society room and one of the 4 missionaries stopped to talk to us. He is from Nephi Utah so he wanted to ask us about where we were from. We told him we were from Moab and he said, "Oh yeah I know someone from Moab, big guy... oh what was his name... oh yeah Zane Taylor." We smiled and said, "oh yeah we know Zane, he's my age, great guy..." So we kept talking and then the Elder says, "there was one other kid, do you know CARSON DALTON?" What!!!! Tori and I just looked at each other, then I managed to say,"Uh, yeah I know Carson." In my head I am thinking that I sound like an idiot, ...sure I know Carson a little, no wait I know him a lot, he is my best friend, we write each other every week... By now we are laughing, and the Elder made fun of me later because he said my face turned bright red when he asked. I was in such shock, what are the odds I would come to Ireland and meet someone who knows Carson. They met in wrestling, and he was also at SUU at the same time as Carson. We were still laughing when we went in for relief society where Tori made a love connection. There were some visitors from Oregon, a mother and her daughter, and Tori and I sat by them. The mom turned to Tori and asked if she had a boyfriend. When Tori told her, "No." She was instantly the perfect girl for this guy that she knows back home. After church she talked to us a bit more, and exchanged information with Tori so they can be facebook friends. She seemed pretty set that Tori was the perfect one for this guy, and her daughter vouched for the success of her matchmaking skills. They told us some more stories about him and he does sound great ;-) He is from Utah and he is currently in Provo. They were dissappointed that Tori will not be back to the states until June though. I wonder if she will try to set him up with anyone else between now and then. Tori is laughing though because she came all of the way to Ireland to get set up with a boy from Utah.
And now good news for Lindsay!!! We were in the hall after the meetings talking to the mother and her daughter, and getting made fun of by the missionaries when the branch president asked me if either of us play the piano. I told him that I can play a little bit, and he asked if I would accept a calling to play sometime. Now for the good news!!! The Branch President said that they have extra keyboards and he would bring one over for me to borrow while I am here so I can practice. YAY!! I was so excited, I didn't know what I was going to do without my piano for over 4 months, or how rusty I was going to be when I get home. I am not too excited to play in front of the ward, I get really nervous and sound like I have never played before. But if I get to borrow a keyboard, I will endure!! At church we also found out that there is institute on tuesdays, and we even got a ride arranged for it. There is also a single adult activity this weekend in Limrick, and though we have not gotten a ride to it yet, it sounds like lots of fun. It was a great day at church!!! We are so blessed to be members!!!


Brian and Kelsey said...

Small world! Hey guess what else Lindsay you have made it through a year of Carson being out. Congrats! You'll be fine with the piano. I promise.It sounds like things in Ireland are going well. Love ya!

Spacey Stacy said...

You to sound like you having so much fun. Crazy world huh. I am so happy that Lindsay made a carson connection, and thank goodness for facebook. You too have fun.
The Mallorys

Cindy said...

Yeah!!! As your former piano teacher I am very excited for your calling!!! Isn't that the best feeling to go to church anywhere in the world, and to feel like you belong??

Dimples said...

He's your "best friend" huh? I'm not sure that quite covers it... lol. That's really funny though. Crazy small world. It must be really cool to be in such an eclectic ward.
As for your question, I work in the Writing Center on campus. I still work at Lin's though. Yay for being poor!
Love and miss you!