Sunday, April 18, 2010


Changes in life sure are interesting. Some are good, some are bad, some seem bad, but then turn out to be good. Some people like change, and some people really dislike change, but it is inevitable nonetheless. I have had some big changes in my life happen in the last few weeks. My mom was diagnosed with cancer and has started chemotherapy. I love my mom, she is such a trooper and is doing great. The other major change was getting engaged to my best friend Carson. He pretended that we were going geocaching and took me up a hill overlooking Moab right around sunset. Then we started looking for the cache, but for some reason we couldn't find it ;-) All the sudden I hear Carson say, " I found it." I started hiking down to where he was, and as I was climbing down a little ledge to where he was, he pulled out a little black ring box and asked me to marry him. We are getting married June 5th in the Monticello temple. Whenever we tell people the date they say oh that is soon, but it still feels far away to us. Currently I am busy working on wedding plans while trying to survive the last 2 weeks of school. A cumulative final where the teacher does not give your previous tests back is just cruel!!! After I finish school, and attend Megan's graduation (YAY Megan), I am off to Moab for the summer.
Mom, Dad, and Carson came to visit this weekend for my Beta Sigma Gamma honors organization induction. The dinner was good, but the awards part was a bit long. We had a great weekend with great weather!!! We played in the park, watched movies, and played games together. Now I just have some major studying to do before finals. Wish me luck!!!

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Chelsey Cutler said...

I'm so happy for you and Carson! I pray for your mom every day, hope she is doing well. Love you Linds! Can't wait to see you again in June!