Monday, May 31, 2010

He Must Really Love Me...

I knew that at some point after we were married Carson would see me in some pretty low points. The key word is AFTER. There are a few states that I would have liked to avoid at least until we were married and he was stuck with me. Well I thought he had seen the worst for now a few weeks ago when he took Stacy and I to have our skin grafts done. Sitting in Walmart swollen, bloody, and dribbling chocolate milk down myself had to be a low point... until yesterday. I had to leave church because I was not feeling well, after stopping by Carson's house for some paint reliever we barely made it to the parking lot of the park before I took 3 steps and lost everything right there behind some poor persons car. Carson was very nice and patient as he stood there and watched me in my multiple episodes as I ejected impressive amounts of... well you know. Worst of all, we couldn't seem to leave because when we would try to get back in the car, I would start all over again. It was terrible!!! We finally made it home, and Carson was so nice to sit with me for hours in my grossness. And you know what else??? He still wants to marry me!!! Yep, he must really love me.

PS: I feel much better now, and I am getting super excited for this weekend!!!!!

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Chelsey Cutler said...

He sure does love you!! True love is amazing! :) I'm glad you are feeling better, I'm super excited for this weekend as well!