Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A New Beginning!!!

I have been meaning to get this post up for a while, but life is pretty crazy, so it has taken me a few weeks. The wedding went great, and now I am married to my best friend Carson for eternity. I still catch myself wondering if it is all real sometimes. We fell in love so long ago, and after 4 year, 2 of them especiall long for me, we are finally married. I love Carson so much! I was so happy with the way the decorations and everything turned out for the wedding. A big thanks to everyone who helped. We went to Palm Springs for our honeymoon. We had tons of fun at the zoo, air museum, and the food fest. We also took trips to the beach and Disneyland. Carson unfortunately got super sunburned, so the trip could have been a little better for him. After moving into our little apartment, we spent a few days there, then we headed over to St. George for a fun family reunion. The reunion was for Carson's Mom's side. I knew some of them previously, but it was still a challenge trying to keep everyone straight all weekend. We had lots of fun, and then on the way home we stopped in Spring City to go to Kayla and Kendra's baby blessings. They are so cute and fun to play with. Then we came back to Moab for some more family fun as my Mom's sisters started arriving for Tori's wedding. We took my cousins and Uncle to Left Hand for a fun filled afternoon. My 9 year old cousin Hunter is way into sports, so he had a great time throwing a soccer ball to me when I would jump off the rocks. It took me a few trys, but I got a lot of cheers when I made the first and only successful catch of the day. There was a young mens group there that tried it out with a football, but they did not have great timing. Tori's wedding went great as well, and I was really glad that I got to spend so much time with family members that we don't see very often. Tori and Adam have already been spotted in Vegas, hopefully they are having a great time. Of course life is not going to slow down yet though, this weekend we have another family reunion for the Dalton side. There has not been a dull moment since the wedding, and hopefully life always stays that way:-)

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Megan and Andrew said...

MY face looks so chubby next to you! I think I am developing a complex, thanks a lot!