Wednesday, July 28, 2010


For the 24th of July weekend Carson and I decided to go camping. We left Thursday night and headed to Medicine Lake. That night we took a very LONG 4-wheeler ride over to my family's cabin where Megan and Andrew were having his family reunion, to take them their forgotten propane take and shot gun shells. We played games there for a while, then headed back to camp very late at night. The next day Carson went out to look for bucks because he takes his hunts very serious, it is never too soon to know where they are at. Anyway while he was just plopped down looking through his binoculars at a hillside, a mountain lion stumbled across him. Carson quickly stood up (you know to add the intimidation factor) and they had a stare down for a bit. It wasn't until Carson said something that the lion decided he'd had enough of looking at this strange creature and he took off. When Carson got back we started out for our hike up Mt. Peale. We started at about 10,000ft elevation, and the very top of the peak is about 12,721ft. Let me tell you, from the bottom it doesn't look that high. We opted not to use the trail and just go for the more straight up approach. The only bad thing about that is when you are almost to what you think looks like the top, you get high enough to see the next peak that you have to climb to get to the top, and then sadly this happens again when you get to the top of that peak. Not to mention the fact that the slide rock starts sliding more as you get higher, so every once in a while when you are going really good, your footing just slides out and you lost all momentum (and motivation). Since we could see a storm coming in we had to move pretty fast if we were going to get to the top and back down before it hit. The hike up took us a record time of 2 hours and 10 minutes (at least if felt like record time to me). We did manage to make it up and almost all the way down before the rain started, so we just got a little wet. The pictures are us climbing, us as the top, and the little guy that followed us down (he wasn't too keen on our jalapeno flavored chips). Carson's parents met us up there with their trailer that night, and the rest of the trip included fishing, 4-wheeling, and getting caught in the rain. On 2 nice notes: I beat Carson in the fishing contest, and our tent is completely waterproof ;-)

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Chelsey Cutler said...

Wow! Sounds like a fun adventure! A mountain lion? Scary man!