Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A New Look!

So on Sunday Carson comes out of the bathroom looking like this. He had started shaving, and decided that he wanted to try some new things. (The picture is not great, but it gives you an idea) Anyway being Carson, he of course could not decide whether or not he wanted to keep it that way. I told him that it looked "Cool" and that he could keep it that way if he wanted, but that was not good enough for him, he wanted me to tell him yes or no. After much debate I asked him how he even gets dressed in the mornings and he told me that he can make decisions just fine if I am not around, my response,"Well then pretend I am not here." He did finally decide to leave it so this is his new look for now. However we did discover that I am the reason he is so un-decisive. Maybe I can get him to decide my next hair style for me... probably not.

1 comment:

Lesa said...

That sounds just like Chris! Carson must be a 'white' personality~ totally laid back. :O)