Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Timp Caves

The first weekend in August, Carson and I headed up north for Carson's mission President's homecoming. We decided to make a fun weekend out of it by starting with Timp Caves. We bought our tickets ahead of time, but then unfortunately we got there 45 minutes late. They give you an hour and a half to hike up to the cave entrance, and we had to go pretty fast in order to make it by our tour time. We didn't stop to rest a single time, so we were a little sweaty and tired by the time we got to the top. The caves were way cool, and it was fun to hear all the history of how they were found. Our tour was with a whole group of really excited kids, but lucky for us their parents insisted that the other 4 of us a the group go first for everything, so we got to be front row for everything. There was a fun story about the drips in the cave, if one hits you they say that you got kissed by the cave and you will have good luck. One lady in our group looked up and got kissed in the eye. We decided that was worth double the luck. The rest of the weekend we spent doing a little bit of shopping, going to see Toy Story 3, having lunch at Mountain Mike's Pizza with my China friends, and going to the homecoming BBQ. It was fun to meet some of Carson's mission companions. The homecoming sacrament meeting was great, there were tons of missionaries there, and they had them all get together and sing their mission song. It sounded awesome, and it was a way fun weekend.

This is supposed to look like a St. Bernard. We could see it in the cave, but not anymore.

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