Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our New Place!!

Carson and I have been crazy busy the last 2 weeks. We became apartment managers, so we packed up all our stuff and started moving. On top of that we had to clean a few apartment including our own, made a quick trip to Moab where we hiked to some really cool indian ruins, came back home, where Carson had finals, and I had graduation. Thru all of this we had a few interesting moments...
  • Carson dumpster diving because I threw away his newspaper
  • Finding a statue of Christ at DI for $2.00
  • Finding an entertainment center at DI for $25.00
  • Moving our couches about a million times
  • Losing a bocce ball in the creek and walking in freezing cold water to find it
  • Dallen finding the bocce ball!!!!!
  • Losing another bocce ball
  • Turning my hands purple from washing marked quarters
  • Trying to cook plantains for the first time
  • Totally failing at cooking plantains
  • Found out that there is no shortcut from Oak City
  • And found out which dryer does not work in our laundry room
So you see we have been very busy, but now we are all moved in and loving our new place. Even though it is not very big, it is twice the size of any other place that we have lived yet so it feels like a mansion.

Our Bedroom

Kitchen with green counter tops
(Carson does not like them, but I don't think they are that bad)

Living room

Bathroom (more green counter tops)

And my beautiful new clock that was a present from my siblings for my graduation in its new home (thanks guys). My walls are a little bare, but I am working on that.

And the totally unrelated apple pie that I made because we had tons of apples


Marion said...

your pie is beautiful, does that boy know how lucky he is?

Brian and Kelsey said...

I recognize those green counter tops... Maybe. Where are you managers?

Cindy said...

I love your new place!! And your statue of Christ is awesome, too!!

Chelsey Cutler said...

Your place looks really nice! I love the clock!