Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I love Carson!!!

If you don't want to read a mushy tribute to my husband, than this post is not for you, because that is exactly what this is (except with a bit of a twist since I am going to reveal all of Carson's little quirks).

Carson makes me laugh everyday with the funny little quirks he has. For example the biggest one that comes to mind right now (that is actually kinda starting to bug me) is that Carson loves to wake me up when I am sleeping, seriously it is like he is five years old. I have to get up really early for work, at least I consider five or any time before that rather early, so when I get home from work I like to take a little nap. But it never fails that as soon as I fall asleep Carson wakes me up for some reason or another. He won't admit that he likes to do it, he even denies it in fact, but I am convinced he must like to do it, because every single day without fail he does it again.

Carson also enjoys to quiz me on the hymns at church, so he won't let me see the book when we are singing. He does praise me after though, because more often than not I surprisingly know all the words to the songs.

Carson does not like to do the dishes, so if there is half a sink of dishes, he does them, and is so proud of himself that he is sure to mention to me that he did the dishes. (He is no where to be found when there are large stacks of dishes in and around the sink)

He takes his hunting very seriously. When he was on his mission he sent me his journals, and I thought it was so funny because he wrote pages and pages on the day that he killed his first deer with his bow, any other event is lucky to get 1 line of text. He will tell you every detail of the day if you ask him about his hunting trips too.

Neither of us really love to shop, but if there is something I need and and he ends up going to a store with me he tries to be really helpful by... disappearing. Seriously within seconds I cannot find him anywhere. He thinks that he is not pressuring me to hurry or something, but if I just need to go in and look at something really quick I end up spending way more time looking for him than I did looking at any merchandise. He's so thoughtful though.

Carson gets really into books on CD when we drive places. So then when we get home he will come inside and within minutes he is asking if we can just sit and finish listening to the book.

He talks in his sleep. The topics can get very interesting based on whatever is going on in life at the time.

He thinks that Diapers are easier to put on backward rather than forward.

He puts BBQ sauce on his salads.

He doesn't like to get sprayed with water, so even when he showers, he stays out of the water as much as possible. (He likes baths though which I think is funny)

His all time favorite cereal is... Bran Flakes. Seriously of all the delicious cereal choices there are he picks Bran Flakes as his top choice.

He has trouble staying awake at church, and has even been known to fall asleep during the rest hymn. We pack snacks in our bags like we have little kids to keep Carson awake.

He will wear his socks until they completely fall apart. He thinks it is a waste to buy a new pack before the other ones are all worn thru.

Even if he wakes me up, wears holey socks, eats nasty cereal, and sleeps thru church, I still love him more than anything. He makes me laugh every day, is the perfect guy for me, and the best husband I could ask for.

Love you babe!!

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Levi and Cassie Mallory Family said...

I know why you know all the words to the hymns. it's because aunt Berta made us sing all of the verses and she made us start over if we weren't singing loud enough. And I have to agree with Carson on the Bran Flakes issue.