Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Oops I didn't really mean to go a month without posting, but since Carson and I seem to be forgetting our camera everywhere we go, there were no pictures, or worthy stories to post about.
We did have an awesome Thanksgiving (even though there are no pictures). We got to go to Moab for a quick trip, and even though we would have liked to have gotten to stay longer, we also like being employed. Anyway we had Thanksgiving at 1:00 with the Daltons, and then at 2:00 with the Holyoaks, so we were very stuffed by the end of the day. It is so fun to see family, and we played many games, and ate lots of yummy food. It was awesome. The day after Thanksgiving we had to head back home so Carson could go to work that night, but that just gave us a head start in getting our Christmas tree and decorations up.
We headed out one morning in search of a suitable tree, but oddly enough even though we drove around for hours all we could find were cedar trees, or very large pines. We had gone out past Carson's work because he said he saw a guy driving back from there with 3 trees in the back of his truck. Well we have no idea where he got his trees, because we couldn't find anything that we would even consider cutting down (and believe me were were not being picky at that point). So the next day we headed out again to a different spot, and we found our perfect tree surprisingly fast.
Our tree in its former home!
Superman after cutting it down
Carson begged me to let us get a yum yum tree this year, and then he even let me cut it down, a duty I took very seriously
Our stockings (can you guess which one is Carson's)
And our tree all decorated in its new home! I love our Christmas tree because we collect ornaments whenever we go someplace new, it is a tradition I started when I was off traveling the world. It makes me happy to see the ornaments now and think "that came all the way from China, or Ireland, or Switzerland..." Our newest ornament this year came from Yellowstone.


Marion said...

so pretty.

Megan said...

Its a good thing Andrew doesn't check blogs very often. He might come steal your tree if he saw it. Especially since I have no idea when we will get one.

Brian and Kelsey said...

I love your tree! It looks great. I love your tradition of ornaments from places around the world

Celeste said...

Lindsay you are so cute!