Friday, May 24, 2013


Carson and I went camping to Kolob Reservoir this week with Megan and Andrew. We had lots of fun, but I learned a few things.
  • Camping with a baby girl is a bit tricky if you want to keep her at all clean because it means you can't put her down EVER.
  • Cooking pancakes in a dutch oven because you forgot a frying pan is not ideal
  • Dutch oven pizza cooks a little too fast if you put it directly on the really hot bed of coals, (Andrew and I will definitely be practicing that one so we don't mess it up next time)
  • You should take bug spray when you decided to go on a walk around a lake 
  • It turns out that walking around Kolob Reservoir is a 4-5 mile hike
  • Camping is really FUN, even if it is a lot of work!!!

 Alex trying his first s'more, he LOVES marshmallows, but it turns out he prefers just the plain marshmallow to a s'more.
 We were up in time to see the sunrise
 Alex showing us the mud that he stepped in
 cute kids playing in the tent
 Man I love these cuties

 Alex riding Carson's motorcycle
We sure had a fun time. I hope we get to go many more times this summer. 

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