Saturday, May 25, 2013

Pinterest Challenge Follow-up

Do you remember our Pinterest Challenge??? Well tooday is the day to report all the pins that we accomplished in the last 2 weeks. Here are the seven pins that I chose, and a breakdown of how they went.

I started out with an easy one first  by copying this outfit. I know I don't look as amazing as the pin, but I actually made the skirt a few weeks ago so I should get bonus points for that, (you know because we are keeping track of points). 

I tried  my hand at making these tamales. I am sparing everyone the picture of my inexperienced wrapping job, but here is the finished product. They were very tasty, but next time I think I will make them smaller. Although that will mean I have to wrap more of them, and like I said before that was not pretty, so it is a toss up between smaller tamales or less wrapping.
I made this super cute dress for my baby girl from this pin (there were no directions, so I just had to wing it). The dress was pretty easy and turned out super cute, I may have to stock up on white onesies and make these with all my spare fabric for baby gifts.

This is the yummy chocolate chip cookie dough frozen yogurt that I made from this pin. It turned out good, although I want to try it with plain yogurt rather than vanilla because I felt like the yogurt flavor overpowered the cookie dough. It froze REALLY hard overnight so plan on letting it sit out a bit before you scoop it. I will also add less chocolate chips next time because I don't really like biting into that many frozen chocolate chips, I feel like you don't really even taste the chocolate when it is frozen anyway. BTW this was the best eggless cookie dough I have ever made.

I copied this outfit with my beautiful Mother's Day scarf, and my $5.00 green skinnies from DI. Baby girl wanted to be in the picture, and I have to say she really makes the outfit.

I tried some photo editing from this pin. I have pinned a few different pins on photo editing tips, but this challenge actually got me to try doing it myself. I am cheap, so I had to use some free online photo editing sites rather than downloading photo shop. I tried out a few different sites to find the ones that would do the things that I wanted to, and my favorites were this one and this one. Baby girl is pretty cute no matter what, but I think the picture turned out pretty good. Although I have to admit the thing I am most impressed with was the fact that I managed to edit the random little girl that liked pushing Kynlee in the swing out of the picture. 

And lastly I made quinoa granola from this recipe. I already have a really good granola recipe from my Mom, but I thought I would try this healthier version with the quinoa that I had. The recipe was not as good as my nice unhealthy one, but it was still pretty darn good. I didn't have any brown rice cakes on hand at the time,well I have never had brown rice cakes on hand, so I skipped that and just added extra quinoa and oats. I also added chopped walnuts, sunflower seeds, and coconut because I like my granola pretty loaded. The granola didn't get quite crunchy like I am used to, but no biggie. I would recommend adding a half cup or so of brown sugar in the future, but I also LOVE sugary cereal so that may just be me.
This challenge was really fun, but more importantly it made me feel very accomplished every time I finished a pin. We will definitely be doing another challenge in a week or so because I still have lots of crafts to do. Watch for it and join us!!


Brian and Kelsey said...

I only got 6 pins. I forgot to save the needed can for the 7th. I love your outfits!

The Gillen's said...

How fun! I doubt I would have time for much of that. I love the little dress you made for Kynlee, so cute!

Preston & Syd said...

I can't believe you made that skirt and dress - they look so cute! And I love your outfit where you are wearing the green skinnies - SO CUTE! I need to do a pinterest challenge! haha