Monday, September 23, 2013


Carson and I have been trying to take advantage of these last few warm weekends, so we decided to go on a hike every Saturday until we declare it too cold to go anymore, I am really hoping that is not too soon, I am not ready for summer to be over. 

Our first hike was supposed to be a water hike, but it had recently rained, and the water was flowing a bit higher than usual, so we really just hiked down to the bottom of the canyon, let baby girl play in the mud, and then hiked back up.

 Kynlee thought it was great!!!
 Our next hike was up the "C" trail. Neither of us realized how long this hike actually was, when we saw the sign at the bottom saying 4.25 miles, we thought that was the round trip total. We were WRONG!! The really terrible part was that the big "C" taunts you as you think you are getting closer, but the trail has you walk all over the mountain without actually getting closer, in fact you pass the C many times and just keep going off to the side for awhile before you eventually start heading back the right way. I was spent by the time we finally got to the top, and I was planning on taking a nice long rest. Again I was WRONG!! As soon as we climbed up over the edge of the hill, the wind about knocked us down, it was sooooo strong up there. We only stayed long enough to take a few windy pictures and share our water with a high school boy who evidentally didn't realize how long the hike was either, and then we were out of there. Now I have 3 nice blisters to prove that I made it to the "C", and they better last, because I am never doing that hike again.

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The Gillen's said...

Hikes are fun, and sometimes not. lol.