Thursday, March 27, 2014

Big News!!!

Kynlee and Carson have something that they want to share with everyone.

That's right there are 3 babies in my belly. Can you believe it! Because I still have a hard time believing it. 

Seven weeks ago I headed to the Dr. by myself, now I know that was a bad idea, but I was not expecting this so at the time that did not occur to me. Then during what I thought would just be a routine 10 week appointment my Dr. tells me that there are 3 little babies in there. WHAT!!!!! After that he just kept having to ask my if I was OK, while him and the nurse just went on and on about how exciting this is. I am surprised I did not pass out. Then I had to go out to the car and call Carson, who of course did not believe me. I quickly learned that any time I told anyone, they would first ask if I was joking. Have you ever tried to convince anyone that you were not joking about something you were still having a really hard time grasping yourself? Well I have, and in most cases it would cause me to start crying. Luckily my Dad happily called everyone for me and I got to avoid crying on the phone with all my family members. I am dealing much better now, and even starting to get a bit excited, although I am still really scared and nervous about what the future holds. 

Our little ones are not due until Sept. 2nd, but we will welcome two little boys and one little girl into our family most likely sometime in July

And here are the lovely pictures of my rapidly growing belly
I made this dress from two maternity shirts so that I could do a fun pregnancy series. ( I got the idea from That was before I found out I was having triplets, so the dress might not fit clear till the end, but I will use it as long as possible. (Or just stop taking pictures at that point because I will be so mortified of my size)
Anyway the pics go as follows:
  • wk 10: This is the day that I found out, do I look a little shell shocked?? I started getting sick around 6 weeks, which really surprised me because I did not get sick much with Kynlee, but it all makes sense now. Didn't really have any cravings, but I lose my sweet tooth for about the first trimester while I am pregnant (which I managed to line up with all those yummy Christmas goodies that no longer sound appealing to me at all)
  • wk 12: No more morning sickness, just a headache in the evenings that lined up nicely with lounging around and watching the Olympics for 2 weeks. Craving quesadillas with salsa.
  • wk 15: Life is great, I have lots of energy and don't feel sick at all anymore, but definitely starting to feel self conscious about my growing belly since my Dr. still measures me as if I were only pregnant with one baby so I am always measuring about 6 weeks ahead.
  • wk 17: I am still feeling great and trying to decide how to decorate a gender neutral nursery. Craving chocolate covered strawberries and the coconut tres leche cake that my sister is hopefully making for me this weekend. 

Sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed about everything, but since life has a way of throwing curves into our plans I have been trying to live by the words of our modern day church leaders.
As Joseph B Wirthlin would say, "Come what may and love it."


Jessie said...

Lindsay, I am so excited for you. And I'm glad that your Dad told everyone, that we could be excited for you for a lot longer!

Karen's Korner of the World said...

Wow! That is Awesome! Hope all goes will...keep us posted!~

chanelleaaron said...

Love this post Lindsay! You are awesome and will be such a wonderful mom to 4 sweet little ones. So excited for you!

kayenta said...

Congrats to you and Carson and Kynlee! Awesome news :-)

The Gillen's said...

WOW! I still can't get over the shock :). You will great! Good luck with everything! I'm excited and a little nervous for you too ;).