Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Happy Birthday Carson!!!

Even though I am a bit late on this post, it is definitely still worth mentioning that Carson had a birthday!!!!!
The poor guy had to go back to school and work that day. We were lucky to have a nice Holiday vacation, but it all ended on his big day, happy birthday to him. Kynlee and I tried to spoil him in the small amount of time we did see him.
He was nice enough to let Kynlee help him open his presents. 

 I tried to make Carson an ice cream cake, but it did not turn out nearly as fantastic as I had it pictured in my head (especially after it fell out of the freezer, yeah I struggle with life).

Kynlee and I are so lucky to have such a hard working man in our lives who takes such good care of us. 
Happy Birthday Carson!!!!!!!

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