Thursday, January 2, 2014

An Imperfect Christmas!

So I saw a little thing on the news in December about how we make ourselves miserable trying to create a perfect Christmas for ourselves and our families. The segment went on to explain how we need to plan on not having everything be perfect for Christmas in order to easily enjoy the holiday. I realized that I have been doing just that. Not that I make myself miserable, but I plan too many things that we have to get done before Christmas. 
This year I was going to make all kinds of Christmas candies and goodies, in reality I only ended up making 2 things, and the cookies always look way better in my head that they turn out in frosting. The lack of Christmas baking is better for our waistbands in the end though.
I was going to learn a handful of new Christmas songs on the piano. I practiced all the Christmas songs in the hymn book lots for my calling, but I only casually played the other ones that I was going to learn. Oh well I guess I will just have to play Christmas songs all year.
I was going to read the dozens of the Christmas books from the library that I look longingly at the rest of the year but force myself to wait to check out. I only read 2.
I was going to get my shopping done early, but the 23rd of December had us in crowded stores doing Christmas shopping for my procrastinating brother-in-law.
We had fun doing a white elephant with family on Christmas Eve, but it started way later than we had planned because kiddos did not want to go to bed nicely that night. 
Our child could have cared less that we spent a whopping  $7.50 on toys for her, all she wanted was the candy in her stocking.
And Christmas is always crazy in Moab between us trying to bounce back and forth between families trying not to miss any of the fun.
And you know what.... it was all perfect

 This pretty much summed up Kynlee helping frost the cookies. She would put frosting on a cookie, lick it all off, then add some more, lick it get the idea.

 We made gingerbread houses with Grandma Sue. Kynlee thought having all that candy and frosting within her reach was awesome.

We did a live nativity at my Dad's house. Carson and Andrew were enlisted to be wisemen (I think they were thrilled about it) We also couldn't get anyone to play Joseph, so we will just pretend he was out getting diapers.
 We celebrated winter birthdays for Carson, Andrew, and Alex.
 Marie's white elephant gift. She sings "Don't you wish your Grandma was HOT like me."
 Dad trying on his white elephant gift.
 Checking out the goods on Christmas morning.
 This is the best picture of the 3 of us on Christmas day.
 Nathan trying on one of the little girls hat. (good thing he doesn't read my blog).
 Kynlee trying out her new high heels from Papa and Marie, she actually walks pretty well in them.
 Kynlee thought it was great to climb up the pile of presents at Grandma Sue and Grandpa Dan's house.
 She also loved the little tent they gave her.
 And finally our third Christmas back at home. Kynlee really liked the body spray that Carson got for me.
 My new shoes!!
 Carson's much needed new shoes. He was still wearing the ones from his mission, and they were not even black anymore.
 And the very best part for this little one was when she finally got this candy out of its wrapper. 

I hope everyone else had just as imperfect a Christmas as we did, and took some time to do some service, and reflect on our Savior and his love for us.

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!!!

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The Gillen's said...

What a fun Christmas!!! Little girl is getting so big!