Thursday, January 2, 2014


We got to go sledding in Moab over our Christmas break, and even though it was just a short little trip, we had lots of fun. 
Dad was the bravest of us and tried the hill first, as usual he went all the way down and hit the road at the bottom before stopping with a nice crash. 
 Megan looking super cute in the awesome hat I made her for Christmas. (I have the pattern memorized if anyone else wants one)

Andrew and Alex ready to brave the hill.
 My first time down. I'm not nearly as fearless as I used to be with things like this. I don't really like these flat sleds because they are pretty much designed for you to go down head first on your belly. Well that was not appealing to me, so I insisted on going down like this. I did end up kicking snow in my face with my feet out in front though, so it probably wasn't the best plan.
 Cheznie watching the show.
 Cute little Kynlee enjoying running around in her snow suit.

 I'm not sure if she is very happy to go down with me.
 Here is where Carson and Andrew decided that we would all race down. I won the first race, and I would have won the second race if I hadn't ended up in a big bush with snow and sticks all over my face letting Andrew have the victory. Luckily I didn't feel anything except the cold on my face when I crashed.
 Carson and Kynlee going down.
We always manage to have good times with family in Moab!!!

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