Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Me and the babes...

So apparently taking a picture every two weeks is really hard to do, but here is my rapidly growing belly. 

  • 19 weeks: feeling great and craving Chinese food (although you could probably say that I crave Chinese food all of the time). We got cribs and a rocking chair for the nursery, so things are starting to come together.
  • 21 weeks: I am working on a cute blessing dress for the little girl (I was way surprised how good it turned out). 
  • 23 weeks: feeling a bit selfconsious about my size for only being 23 weeks, but still feeling great, and I am still able to ride our stationary bike and go for walks with Kynlee everyday.  Craving Pizza.

  • 25 weeks: Still feeling pretty good, only occasional back pain when I get up. cravings.... Um everything. Lunch goes something like this: Hmm what do I want for lunch? I know a peach, no wait grilled cheese, or granola... no scrambled eggs, or chips and salsa, wait no alfredo.... this usually leads to me snacking on lots of things until I feel overly full. 
  • 27 weeeks: Starting to feel more uncomfortable, probably because my stomach is as hard as a rock after I eat anything. I was still able to go camping with Carson and Kynlee, so things are still really good.
  • 30 weeks: Just yesterday I hit 30 weeks, and I am not going to lie, I am pretty happy with myself to have made it this far. My stomach is hard as a rock most of the time, and at our ultrasound yesterday the Dr showed us that the little girls head is waaaay low, which would explain why I go to bed with bladder pain every night. I cant really bend at all because of the giant watermelon attached to me, which also makes sleeping at night rather uncomfortable (or that could be the fact that I have to get up almost every hour to pee).Luckily I have only gotten heartburn a handful of times. I am very grateful that I have not been put on bedrest, and that I am still able to do most things.

The babes all weigh between 2.5 and 3 lbs which is pretty good, but we are hoping they can pack on a little more weight in the next few weeks. I am also hoping I can make it a few more weeks because things are getting really squished in there. The average for triplets to come is between 32 and 33 weeks, so naturally we are aiming for at least 34 weeks. 

Carson and I both admitted that now that we are at 30 weeks, we are both really nervous about the babies actually coming. We really need to get that nursery put together!!! I never thought my family would double from 3 to 6 so fast, but ready or not soon they will be coming.

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The Gillen's said...

Way to go Lindsay! I hope you can make it to 34 weeks too! Even though you are so uncomfortable. Keep going!