Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Kynlee is a great big sister!!!  She likes to kiss and love on the babies, she sleeps in nicely so Mom can get some much needed sleep. She is a sweet girl 98% of the time, and she is especially helpful at diaper time.
Not only is she good at getting wipes and diapers for us, she also will take the dirty diapers to the trash. She even takes the initiative when it comes to changing the babes, whether they need changed or not. The other day she stripped Korbin down to change his diaper, but she got a big surprise when she got the diaper open... 
a big wet surprise...
right in the face!
She was very offended, and there was lots of crying and tears. 

But she still loves him, and she still wants to change diapers all the time.
What a good big sister!


Shaylee Rose said...

Oh My goodness! That's too funny!

The Gillen's said...

That is so cute and funny!!! Glad you have a helper ;)