Wednesday, April 8, 2015

8 Months

My little babes turned 8 months old on Easter Sunday. They are so cute, and I wish they would stop growing up so fast. 

Little Em is a such a sweet girl. She is her big sister's favorite, which sometimes does not fare so well for the boys. She mostly scoots backwards but she can crawl forward if she is really motivated. Her brothers are starting to get hair, but poor Em is as bald as ever. She has cute chunky thighs that she will be cursing me for later in life. She loves to eat pretty much anything, and she loves to kick her legs all the time. She is the only one who can sit up on her own. We love her so much.
 B-Bop is such a handsome boy. He has crawled forward a few times, but he mostly only goes backwards. If I try to motivate him to go forward for something by putting it just out of his reach he gets really frustrated and cries. Sometimes I can tell he is trying really hard to go forward, but it is a 1 step forward 2 steps back process, poor guy. He has also started to become a picky eater, and he refuses most baby food now. I don't really blame him, real food is way better. We love him so much.

Korbster is on the move. He started army crawling about 3 weeks ago if I put food in front of him. Now he is a full on explorer. This little guy will follow his big sister around the room all day to see what she is doing, unfortunately he is not her "best friend" like Emery, so she moves every time he gets close, poor guy. He loves to eat anything, and he is a big cheeser if anyone is around. We love him so much.


The Gillen's said...

Oh they are getting so big! What cuties!

Shaylee Rose said...

Aww they are so stinkin cute!