Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Happy Easter!

We had a very fun Easter weekend. We dyed Easter Eggs with Morgan, Dallen, and Shaylee. Kynlee thought it was fun to put an egg in each of the dye cups and just leave them.
We hunted candy that Grandma Sue hid in the back yard.
Korbin helped Dallen find 5 bucks

The Easter Bunny came!!!

We hunted Easter Eggs.
It makes me ridiculously happy that I can dress my girls up in matching outfits.

We watched lots of conference. Although I have to admit I used to get a lot more out of conference before I had 3 eight month olds crawling around. We printed out conference bingo sheets that were fun for Kynlee. And since the theme of the womens session was family (the only session I got to watch uninterrupted), I will just smile and enjoy my little distractions. 
And of course we hit our Easter Eggs with a baseball bat at the end of the day. 

Morgan sure looks like a professional Easter Egg hitter.
The next day Kynlee was playing in the yard, and then she came to me in tears holding half of one of the eggs that she decorated. Apparently she is not a fan of my Mom's egg disposal tradition. Too bad Kynlee, it is one of my favorites so it is not going to stop any time soon.

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