Monday, May 4, 2015

Pinterest Challenge Wrap-Up

The time has come to report on our pinterest challenge. I kind of took it easy this time around, mostly outfit, and recipe posts (because I have to eat and get dressed everyday). I was not ambitious enough to attempt any crafts that might take a bit more of a time commitment. 

And since you are all dying to see what I did, here goes...

I copied this outfit from this pin. It was a nice rainy day great for pulling out my boots and scarf again, and I was really happy with how it looked

I made churro french toast one Saturday morning from this pin. The 3 bosses informed me rather loudly that they had no intention of waiting for me to defrost some frozen cream cheese before they got their breakfast, so I just used leftover Easter frosting rather than cream cheese frosting. I also used my homemade bread rather than Hawaiian bread, and I thought everything turned out delicous. I also got a "this is fantastic" from the 2 year old, and you can't argue with that.
 So I am going  to brag a little!!! I made that dress!!! I actually made it after seeing this pin. When I saw the little sparrow print on the fabric, I knew I had to try it. You can't really see the whole dress, but it pretty much looks like the one in the pin, and I love it.
 Nothing special about this one, except the fact that gold polka dots make me really happy.
 Carson didn't want to get my feet in this one because he didn't want everyone to see all the dandilions that we are forever battling, but I will take any excuse to pull out my leopard print flats. 
These twix cookies were a bit hit. I have unsuccessfully tried to make shortbread before, but this recipe is a keeper. However you must beware of hungry 2 year olds who might fall in the cookies before the chocolate hardens.

I also made this yummy Slow Cooker Balsamic Shredded Beef. We had Dallen, Shaylee, and Morgan over to test it out, and those pigs ate it all before I could get a picture. Just kidding, I actually just forgot to take a picture, and it was probable my babes who ate the most, those three can really put it away. I thought the recipe was great, and a major step up from my usual boring roast. It was a tad sweet though, so I would probably use less brown sugar next time. 

 I used this pin to try out something fun with my nails. I am far from pro at doing nails, but even though mine don't look as amazing as the pin, I was still quite pleased with mine.

 I thought this Tomato Basil Parmesan soup was great. I just threw the carrots, celery, and tomatoes in the blender to chop them and it was easy peesy. I had to hurry and get this recipe in before the end of April because my husband treats soup like rabbit hunting, we are only allowed to have it in months that have the letter R in them. I realize that summer does not scream 'please feed me hot liquid,' but it sure is easy to throw together sometimes. I have already cheated though and made stew on May 1st. 

 I am a bit embarassed to put my picture up next to this girl, or maybe this is a life size Barbie doll, I'm not sure, either way she is way prettier than me. Anyway I loved this hairstyle instantly when I saw it, and even though it looked a little intimidating, I wanted to try it. While I was attempting it Kynlee told me, "Don't braid your hair Momma, there's too much of it." Kynlee you might be right! While it wasn't easy, it wasn't as hard as it looks, but unfortunately the top part slid out in a matter of minutes, and I was left with a side fish tail braid for the day.
 Every year we make a Birthday cake for my Mom's birthday, she would have been 64 this year, and since we always make a chocolate cake I know she would approve of the tradition. I though that this recipe was a from scratch recipe, but by the time that I saw that it called for a cake mix, my babes were already napping and Kynlee and I were ready to make a cake. There was no turning back at that point, and I didn't want to waste time looking for another recipe, so I reluctantly got out a cake mix and made this cake. It was good, but I am still looking for that amazing from scratch chocolate cake recipe.
I hope everyone else had a great time doing their pins, assuming anyone else did it with us, which you all should because it is lots of fun. And I am living proof that it is as easy as just getting dressed, and cooking dinner, which most of us do everyday. Happy Pinning!!!

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