Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Carving Pumpkins!

We used to carve detailed pumpkins for Halloween. We would look up patterns online, and spend a good hour working on our really cool pumpkins.
Now we have kids!!!
We are lucky if we even draw a quick face on the pumpkin before we start carving away. 
And you know what?
 Our pumpkins still look pretty awesome.
 Even though they are not as time consuming or detailed, we get lots of laughs watching the babes try to eat pumpkin guts. And I think they even had fun too. 

This is one of the large pumpkins we grew in our garden.
 We had to get the power tools involved. 
 I thought Kynlee would want to carve the big pumpkin, but I was wrong, she wanted to carve the smallest pumpkin we grew. And you know what? It was super fast and easy, and I will be getting small pumpkins for my kids forevermore.

 Dallen and Shaylee joined us.

And a good time was had by all!!!

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