Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Happy Halloween!!!

I have so much fun dressing up my little family. I got the idea to dress up the babes as Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach thinking that Kynlee would want to pick her own costume. But then Kynlee wanted to be a princess, and Grandma Ree got her the perfect pink princess dress so she became Princess Peach and Emery became Princess Daisy (although Kynlee thinks she was Princess Daisy).
I got all the costumes ready, but then 2 days before Halloween Carson and I decided that we would dress up too, and we looked up some more characters and decided on Toadstool and Bowser, and though our costumes weren't as cool as our kids, there was a guy at the "Trunk or Treat" who correctly named all of us, so we must have looked pretty convincing. 
I thought the babes would like trick or treating, and they did, for 1 piece of candy, then the boys were too focused on that one piece to even care about getting any more. Which was fine with me. Emery and Kynlee had fun getting a little more candy and then we headed home. Kynlee still wanted to "Trick or Treat" around our neighborhood but it was still a little too early to go door to door. Carson decided that after we got our first trick or treater then Kynlee could go out. So she ran an errand with Carson and then we had dinner. Well by the time we were done with all that we had had many trick or treaters and it was getting pretty late so I was trying to hurry Kynlee out the door before it got any later. She wanted to go with both Mommy and Daddy, so Grandma and Grandpa stayed with the babes and we headed out with Kynlee. We were standing in our driveway deciding which direction to start when we looked over and saw our neighbors head laying out his front door on his doormat... 
No this was not some really cool Halloween decoration, it was really him.
 Carson ran over, and was helping him up by the time Kynlee and I made our way over, luckily I don't think Kynlee saw him laying on the ground because I am still a bit tramatized for the few seconds where I thought we were going to find him dead. We don't really know how long he was laying there, but I have never been so glad that we got a late start "Trick or Treating."  Our neighbor is 87 or so, and his wife is bedridden. I didn't think he was there alone very often, his daughter in law has come over a few times to have Carson help her get him up when he has fallen. He has been falling a lot lately. Carson stayed with him while Kynlee and I went around the neighborhood, then Carson checked on him a few times until we went to bed. Talk about scary. 
 Next year I am not doing costumes that need any props, hats, masks, or accessories of any kind. We gave the kids fruit snacks and tried to hurry and get a picture before the babes took their hats off, and this is still the best we could do for our ward Halloween party. After this I went in and added elastic straps to the hats. 
 Kynlee is growing up into such a beautiful girl. I straightened her hair, which I always regret because it makes her look so grown up.

 This Halloween stuff is pretty great!!!


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