Saturday, December 12, 2015

Going to Church!!!

I took a picture of my cute kids before church the other day. Don't they all look sharp?
I had to take a picture BEFORE church because the after picture would be very different.
Atter church everyone's hair is messed up, 1 or more shoe is missing from each child, and Carson and I are covered with smeared graham crackers and other various snacks. Do any other parents stuggle with 11:00 church because it ecompasses lunchtime? 
Three hours of church is a very long time for our little family right now. I feel like high fiving Carson at the end of sacrament meeting every week. Even though we still have 2 hours of church left, I can't help thinking, "Yes we survived another one!!!"
Less than 2 months until our babes can go to nursery!!!!
The countdown is on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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