Saturday, December 12, 2015

Hunting our Christmas Tree

Carson and I have a favorite place that we go every year to get our Christmas tree. It has never disappointed us. This year we thought we were being very nice by inviting 2 of my sisters and their families to get trees with us. Unfortunately it had snowed the day before, and what is normally a quick and fun outing turned into a full day of pulling each others vehicles out of the snow.
Luckily Carson brought chains and shovels. Even if the chains didn't fit all the vehicles very well, they still got them unstuck.

By the end of the day I don't think anyone was thinking we were very NICE for inviting them. 
Sorry everyone!!!
There has never been much snow when we have gone before.

The babes spent the whole trip exploring the inside of the warm truck.

 This really brings back childhood memories of getting Christmas trees. I'm pretty sure my dad felt like it was a requirement to get the truck stuck before we could go home every year when we would get our tree. 

 At least the kids had fun.
 And this is what the ride home looked like.

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