Wednesday, June 29, 2011

1 YEAR!!!!

Yep it's been one year since I married my best friend!!! Well it has actually been over a year, but since we celebrated late, my post is late. We wanted to do something fun for our anniversary so we decided to head to Provo and hit Seven Peaks on our way to a family reunion at Yellowstone (post to come). I had never been to Seven Peaks before, and I have to admit I was scared of some of the slides. Carson kept teasing me that I had to do the scariest looking ones first, but I insisted on easing into the intensity. Anyway it was lots of fun, and I even braved every slide except one called Jagged Edge. It was this straight down slide, and after doing the other slides that were super similar, I was tired of having water spayed in my face the entire duration of the slides, and large red marks on my back from the slides. There was this crazy scary ride called Boomerang. It is basically a giant U and you get in a tube and fly down it, then up, then down and so on... These cute kids were in line in front of us, I think they were siblings, a boy about 13 or so and a little girl about 10. She was starting to get really scared when they got to the top, but you could tell he did not want to back out, so he just kept telling her it wasn't scary. And here I am terrified just like a 10 year old thinking I should just walk back down with the little girl and let Carson and the boy go together. But the little girl braved the ride, and so did I. It was fun, but super scary too. Even after I had done it, I would still look up at it and think, "I couldn't do that one." Unfortunately there are no pictures of us doing any of the fun slides because in order to get fun pictures one of us would have had to sit out.

Mmmmmm doesn't he look good???

Then we ate dinner at the best place ever....

I also introduced Carson to Sub Zero, one of the best ice cream places ever. They make your ice cream right in front of you with cream and liquid nitrogen. So cool!!!

Carson also got eaten by a dinosaur.

It was a great anniversary trip, and it has been a great year!!! Heres to an eternity more.....

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Preston & Syd said...

What a fun way to spend your anniversary! Congrats guys! Isn't seven peaks a blast?!? And I am with you on the Boomerang ride- it totally freaks me out! Way cute blog by the way! :D