Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Angels Landing

Stacy and Jeremy were nice enough to let Kynlee and I tag along with their family on a hike up Angels Landing in Zion National Park. The weather was perfect, and we had lots of fun. 

 Kynlee thought the best part was playing in the sand. She started throwing it, and with all the sunscreen that we had put in her hair, she became a redhead pretty fast. 

 My shoulders were a bit sore the next day from hiking all those switchbacks like this. Kynlee fell asleep on the hike down and I loved carrying her that way because she NEVER sleeps in my arms anymore. 
I am so happy that we live in such a beautiful place.


Megan said...

I'm jealous! I never got to do Angels Landing. I miss you guys!

Christina said...

I love Zions! Ryan and I visited a few times in our early married years before we moved to Moab. That is a pretty good hike!