Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fall Fun!!

I am pretty sure I title a post "Fall Fun" every year, but lets face it fall is always full of fun festivities, and I apparently lack any creativity to think up a new title. 

So the other day Payton left my house very sad because they do not have any trees at their house. Which means they didn't have any leaves to rake. Wouldn't you be heartbroken too?? Well Carson and I have more than enough leaves to go around. So why not have a leaf raking party where we can put my sister and her kids to work cleaning up our yard. Sounds like a great plan to me....

...because everyone knows the best part of raking leaves is playing in the big pile of leaves. 

 Later we all carved pumpkins together. Carson and I grew some very large pumpkins this year (some of our other produce didn't grow very well, but pumpkins we can grow). 
Don't you love the totally natural smiles in this photo?
 Parker picked one of the bigger pumpkins to carve, which meant he practically had to stand on the table to clean it out. 

 Man we sure love this cutie!!! Stay tuned for more FALL FUN!!!

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Brian and Kelsey said...

Those are huge pumpkins! Good for you.