Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

I had a birthday last week!!! My future step-mother sent me these beautiful flowers! Isn't that sweet?? She was nice enough to have the florist put my Dad's name on the card too. Also I have no idea how to describe my upcoming relationship with Marie. I have never really liked the term step-mother, I just feel like it has a negative connotation (possibly from the movie Cinderella). Usually I just say "Dad and Marie" which works fine, but every once in a while it is hard to describe the relationship. Anyway I am so excited that she is joining our family, whatever she is called. 

Okay after that little detour,  back to the birthday festivities. I made some awesome molten chocolate cakes, Carson did offer to make me a cake but lets face it, we would both rather eat something I have cooked.  He did get me a fudge cookie dough blizzard from Dairy Queen, and took me out to dinner though. And the best part... we are going to Thriller at the Tuacahn tomorrow night!!! I am sooooo excited. 

Carson really wanted a picture of the card he got me. We have only watched the first season of Duck Dynasty, you know because we don't have cable, and we are too cheap to actually rent it, so we got the first season from our local library. But we did find it pretty entertaining (if a bit staged). Anyway there was an endearing note in the card about how he loves me more than Phil loves squirrel, don't you all wish you had such a romantic guy?? Well keep wishing because he is taken, and I sure love him.