Saturday, March 7, 2015

My cute kids!!

Did you know that before I had kids I was a pretty capable person. Now I do everything WRONG. Just ask my 2 year old. To make matters worse, the few things that I am actually still capable of doing right during the day I am suddenly no longer capable of doing once Daddy gets home. And I have been assured by more experienced mothers that it will be this way for the rest of my life. Ok that might be an exaggeration, but that is how it seems. Oh well at least I have to cutest kids in the world. 

Before I became a Mom I expected certain things from motherhood. You know the usual things like long nights with crying babes, messy floors, sticky chairs and fingers, spit up, lots of poopy diapers, ect...
I did not expect the door mat to get moved every time I put it back in front of the door, and I certainly did not expect it to end up in one of the babies cribs with a stuffed animal rolled up in it. Why yes that does make a mess of the sheets, thanks for asking. 
Let's just say that motherhood is full of unexpected surprises. Most of them I can laugh about, like when I find individual goldfish crackers in all of my pots and pans, or when I find a stuffed horse snacking on a pile of bannana chips.

Other surpises fill my heart like when I catch Kynlee giving a babe a hug, or when the babes hold hands while they play. 
I have come to expect the happy grins the babes give in the morning when I get them out of their crib, even though I know it is coming, it melts my heart every time. 

I love being a mom, even if I forget at times, and life would be quite boring without the fun surprises my cute kids bring.   
And while I do wish certain things like the door mat would stay put, I am glad to have fun little surprises that take me back to the simple joys and curiosity of being a kid. 

Oh and did I mention I have the cutest kids in the world?
Just look at these pictures for proof.


 Kynlee thought this was so much fun, and luckily Emery doesn't seem to mind it too much either.

This is how I found Kynlee one day when she was supposed to be napping. 

I'd much rather try on hats and drive my car than nap too.

No wait, I would rather nap! 

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Shaylee Rose said...

You really do have the cutest kids! They are so sweet! I love reading your posts!