Saturday, March 7, 2015

7 Months!

My babes are 7 months old. They are so cute, and they are starting to roll all over the place. 

B-bop is such a cute boy. He is the biggest at 12lbs 1oz. He loves to smile, does not love to sleep, and is a nice happy boy most of the time. We love him.

Korbster is still my smiley guy. He is the smallest at 11lbs 5 oz, even though he eats more than the other babes. He can fall asleep in about 10 seconds, and he LOVES to eat. He does not care all that much about milk, but when it is feeding time he sits with his arms spread wide and his mouth open ready for a bite the whole time.We love him.

Little Em is such a sweet girl. She is 11lbs 14oz. She covers the most ground with her rolling and she usually ends up stuck under the couch. It is easy to make her giggle and daddy thinks she will be crawling in the next 2 weeks. We love her.

These babes are so cute!!! We have been going thru another batch of colds this week, the runny noses are out of control. But everyone is still in good spirits... except when I am trying to wipe their noses. We also had a breakthru in the sleep department this week, all 3 babes slept from 8:00PM until 6:00AM without a peep. Wahoo!!!! We love them so much!

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