Monday, March 23, 2015

We did it!!!

Megan and I ran 13.1 miles on Saturday in the Canyonlands half Marathon. Now that it is over I am glad that I did it, but during those last 2 miles I was really wondering why I was willingly torturing myself. I beat my goal time of 2 hours finishing just under 1 hour and 56 minutes. 

We did the half marathon for the first time 5 years ago, way back before either of us had any kids.
This time I think Megan must have called me while I was in the hospital over the summer pregnant with triplets and asked if I wanted to run it again with her. At the time I would have done anything to get out of that bed, and the thought of doing something to lose all that baby weight appealed to me so it probably wasn't too hard to talk me into doing it. I seriously doubt it will be that easy to talk me into doing one again for the following reasons:
  • It was really hard!!!!
  • Training with 4 kids was not easy
  • Training for long distance takes a bit of a time commitment
  • Taking care of kids with sore legs the day after a long run is not ideal
  • Some days I just could not get a workout in, so I was not as in shape as I would have liked to have been
  • There is a really big hill at mile 10 that I am still feeling
  • Oh and did I mention it was really hard
I honestly have no idea how people run full marathons because a half marathon is as far as I ever want to go.

During the race, I felt like I would never finish...
But I did!!! 
I knew there were 4 cuties waiting for me at the finish line, and the best husband in the world cheering me on. Even though those last 2 miles felt like they took hours, I kept on running. The faster you go the sooner the pain ends right?
When all is said and done I really am glad I did it.

And you know what...
I would do it again!


Stacy Mallory said...

So proud of you!!!

Valerie said...

You guys are awesome!!!