Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Fun Mom... Or Not!!!!

I am not a fun mom. 
I want to be a fun mom.
 Before I had kids I really pictured myself being a fun mom, but it is just not the reality that is my life now. 
We don't do many fun projects, or go on any fun outings. 
Most days we just try to survive without too much crying.
I tried to be a fun Mom the other day.
 It was a cold rainy day, but Kynlee said she wanted to play hopscotch. I told her we could make a course out of paper in the living room as soon as everyone was dressed and her room was clean. The babes screamed at me the entire time while I got dressed, this is only an EVERY DAY occurence. I sent them all to their cribs and Kynlee and I built the course in about 5 minutes. I let the babes out, making them promise they would be better behaved and we started playing. Well it was a good thing I grabbed the camera to document me being a fun mom, because after about 2 runs Kynlee was done and took off to her room to read books.
 Why do I even bother??? 
I should have known this would happen since she had already gotten bored of tag, and hide and seek after about 1 minute of each, but I had hopes that putting in more effort would result in more fun. I was wrong. 

At least the babes had fun tearing the course up. 

Now you see why I am not a fun Mom.

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