Tuesday, October 20, 2015

My People!!!

This is the last time we got family pictures taken, it was Christmas of 2011.
Since then we lost my awesome Mother, gained my awesome Step-Mom Marie, and added 6 babies to the family. 

Last weekend we were able to get another family picture taken at my niece Crystal's baptism.

These are my people!!!
I love these poeple!!!

They are the best.
We are not perfect by any means;
Dad and Marie never stop traveling,
Carson and I have way too many babies,
Tori and Adam live way too far away,
Stacy and Jeremy live in the middle of nowhere with some scary neighbors,
Nathan and Tonya are way too busy with farming and animals,
Megan and Andrew... um ... maybe they are the most normal of us all (must be why Andrew is Dad's favorite).
Anyway these are the people that I love to spend time with. We have gone thru good times and bad times together. They have seen me at my worst, and at my best. I am so grateful that I got such great friends to call family.

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