Thursday, October 1, 2015

Reunion Time!!!

We got to go to Moab for our family reunion over Labor Day weekend. It is always fun to get together with family, and I look forward to Aunt Cheryl's homemade ice cream all year long. We love spending time at the cabins, and enjoying the beautiful mountains around us. 
Unfortunately our babes would not go to anyone but Carson and I. We pictured them having fun with cousins, and they usually really enjoy being out and having a change of scenery. But that was not how things played out, and Carson and I found ourselves asking each other over and over "Why did we even come?" 
We have high hopes that they will have more fun next year.  
Kynlee however had a blast playing with cousins, doing puzzles with Uncle Nathan, and riding 4-wheelers with Daddy
Despite my tired arms from holding babes the whole time, there were some really good times. My favorite part of the weekend was the large game of Catch Phrase we played at the cabin one night. Dad, Megan and I were all on the same team so the other team didn't even stand a chance against us. I think everyone had lots of fun though, and I don't think we have all laughed that hard together in a long time. 

I had to get a picture of a rare moment when Korbin and Braxton were with someone other than Carson and I. Good thing too because at this point Carson was off with the men chopping firewood. 

We already can't wait until next year!!!

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