Thursday, October 1, 2015


It seems like life is always crazy busy around here, and while I don't always get pictures to capture the craziness, here are just a few visual displays of life around here. 

We are super sad that Megan and Andrew moved away. I'm talking super sad!!!!!! 
It sure was fun while it lasted, and I loved watching these two cuties play together. 
We made and canned 4 gallons of yummy salsa with mostly all produce from our garden.
And of course we are busy with these 3 little cuties. They like to play the piano, but their real goal is to get to my Halloween Village that is up on top of the piano.
We are also busy with a handful of construction projects going on around here (the ongoing story of our lives). We are loving the fall weather, this is my very favorite time of year. We are also looking forward to General Conference this weekend. Hopefully everyone gets a chance to watch or listen to the inspired messages from our Father in Heaven.

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